Located in the rolling hills of the Hans Creek Valley, the Larew Cottage is a Craftsman style farm house built in 1920 and recently restored. The Larew Family built the home using timber from the farm, and the spacious living area served the family well as they raised ten children.

The cottage sits on a working farm that the Larew family has operated for more than 200 years. Woodland and pastures on the farm create a peaceful and natural setting. It is common to see deer, wild turkey, and other wildlife.

The closest village, Greenville, has remained nearly unchanged for the past 100 years. The community is still home to one post office and a small grocery store. The surrounding communities compliment Greenville with quaint diners, interesting historical sites, and varied recreational opportunities.

The community of Greenville and the Larew Cottage are located in Monroe County, West Virginia. Over one hundred years ago, people came from all over the eastern United States to visit the therapeutic sulphur springs in the area. Most of those spas have closed but Monroe County remains an attractive destination.


Irene and Wib Larew